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Sensory Activities : Simple Halloween Sensory Bin

Pinterest and the blogosphere is set ablaze with Halloween crafts and Halloween activities for kids. We are no exception. Instead of a Halloween craft, we are starting off with a Halloween sensory bin which I know will be a hit with my toddler. She loved our Fall sensory bin so much that I had to go back to Dollar Tree to throw together a Halloween sensory bin for her.

Sensory activities are great for kids who no longer mouth. My toddler doesn’t ( for the most part) and I’m very glad to fully take advantage of all the benefits sensory activities have to offer. Simply put, they keep the child engaged and learning. A simple sensory tub with favorite materials creates curiosity and hence the invitation to play is explored and enjoyed.

The base for sensory activities is black beans. If you are feeling brave or lucky enough to have kids who don’t like candy corn, throw in some of those for color.

Since, this sensory bin is going to be a simple one, baby A and I did it together. We poured the black beans together and she played with just those for a while feeling them and pouring them between their hands. Then we added some creepy crawlies in there but didn’t stop with only spiders. We even have a stray rhino in there.


After adding all the creepy crawlies, I cut out some orange and black garlands into smaller pieces and stuck them to the insides of the bin.