Home Crafts Halloween Crafts for Kids : Simple Ghost Craft

Halloween Crafts for Kids : Simple Ghost Craft

Halloween Crafts for Kids : Simple Ghost Craft
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Halloween Crafts for Kids : Simple Ghost Craft

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Our first Halloween craft for the season! Yay! We are kicking off with a super simple and classic Halloween kids craft.


  • Basket Coffee Filters
  • Black Marker
  • Hole Punch
  • String/Thread
  • Fallen Tree branch (optional)

Fold a basket coffee filter into half. Fold it once more to make a cone. You can either staple the cone to make sure the edges don’t fly or you can leave it as it  is. Have the child draw a cute /non-scary ghost face. Make a hole above the face and thread a string or yarn. We used sewing thread to make the thread as light and “invisible” as possible. Ha!

process for halloween gost craft for kids

Those holes made by the puncher gave the ghosts additional charm!

halloween crafts with ghosts for kids

We then found a fallen tree branch and used it as a prop to display our cute little ghosties.

ghost craft for kids

How to use them?

I can see how this entire craft can be be done on a much larger scale using a larger tree branch and many more ghosties.

 Once you have your spooky branch you can use it as a prop for your haunted house theme  or simply prop the branch in front of your house in your front lawn for the big night! Don’t forget to paint the branch white for extra effect. You can also mix in some glow in the dark paint and pain the eyes using that.

Lay a black poster board behind the branch if possible ( if using indoors as decor ) and draw a full moon and a bat flying. Ooooohh.. Spooky.

You can also string the little ghosties together and make a banner for your party or your mantle.

Simple Ghost Craft for kids for Halloween

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