Home Crafts Halloween Crafts for Toddlers : Spooky Wreaths

Halloween Crafts for Toddlers : Spooky Wreaths

Halloween Crafts for Toddlers : Spooky Wreaths
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Halloween Crafts for Toddlers: Spooky Wreaths

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Such a fun Halloween craft today! Remember our Holiday themed Christmas toddler craft we did last year? Probably not. Here it is just in case.

We did a Halloween version of it with just a few basic craft supplies

materials for wreath

Use a white paper/Styrofoam plate and paint the edges. If you use a paper plate, washable paints would be better. Styrofoam plate needs acrylic paints.

The kids can paint the edges using any color ( Hallowwen themed color if you prefer) Once the edges dry, set out googly eyes of various sizes. Have the kids glue the eyes to the edges. Cut out the edge before or after the eyes are glued on. Cutting out the rim before any gluing would be ideal.

process for wreath making

Gluing the googly eyes to the paper plate is a wonderful fine motor exercise.   You can also  encourage the kid to follow a pattern or leave it as it is. Anything goes. Trying to keep the activity as open ended as possible or for reluctant learners, this will be good chance to get them to explore patterns, counting etc.

gluing halloween wreath

Let them dry for bit..

finished halloween craft for toddlers

Cut the rim out and make the actual wreath. Punch a hole on the top and weave through a decorative Halloween themed ribbon.

hangin wreaths halloween craft

Looks pretty!

paper plate toddler wreaths for halloween

Hang it and enjoy!

Toddler Halloween Craft making spookily simple wreaths

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