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Halloween Craft for Kids : Spooky Hands Craft

Halloween Craft for Kids : Spooky Hands Craft
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Halloween Craft for Kids : Spooky Hands Craft

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Today’s post is a super simple Halloween craft all kids will enjoy since it involves hand prints. What’s more? They get to turn them into spooky hands!


  1. Construction Paper (Orange and Black)
  2. Googly Eyes
  3. Glitter Glue
  4. Paper Edger Scissors (optional)

materials for craft


On an orange construction paper trace ( or your child can trace) his/her hand. Here you can choose 2 routes. Trace with a little bit of wiggle to add to the spookiness of the handprint and cut along the bumpy outline.

kids craft for halloween

Or you can trace normally and use a paper edger scissors to cut out a bumpy hand print like we did. The below images will show you both the options. One cut with a regular scissors a and one done with a trimmer. This Halloween craft is a good exercise to practice those scissor skills.

After cutting out their hand print, the kids can draw small triangles and cut them out as well. These will be their spooky hands’ nails.

 process of making spooky hands

The top pair are hands cut out using the trimming scissors ( affiliate product link in the materials section)

spooky hands kids craft halloween

Then comes in lots of gluing. I can see this is a fantastic preschool craft for Halloween. Glue those orange nails on the black hand print cut out.

 sticking the nails on halloween crafts

Then “decorate” or rather “spookify” the hands with tons of glitter glue and googly eyes.  Try those peel and stick googly eyes for younger children.

glitter glue

You can use balled up tissue paper to serve as warts

 ghost hands craft

The orange nails can also be made more spookier with black glitter glue.

spooky hands crafts for kids

The center googly eye just captures all the essence of Halloween in this spooky hand .

preschooler halloween craft

Add a couple of Popsicle sticks to the back of the hands and turn them into spooky hands puppets!
spooky puppets
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Simple and Spooky Halloween Craft for kids. Great for teaching scissors skills


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