halloween art for kids
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Halloween Art Projects : Make a simple crayon resist spider web

We loved any themed art projects,  especially around the fall season when there are plenty of opportunities for art loving kids to  have fun – think about Halloween art projects and Halloween crafts, then we have the turkey season with cute Thanksgiving crafts and art and of course Christmas crafts! Phew, it is going to be busy around the world, right?

For today’s art project, we are creating a simple spider web. Can you believe after all the numerous art projects my kids indulge in we have never done crayon resist art projects? Hmm. We changed that the other day and my 5 year old adored this resist art technique.


  • White crayon
  • White sheet of paper
  • Water Colors (black)

There are multiple variations we did. On one sheet I drew a simple spider web with a white crayon and invited my kids to do some “magic painting”. The word magic gave their little feet a couple of wheels an they came zooming. Throw the word magic around and watch their eyes double in size.

materials needed

My 5 year old decided to do her own spider web since she is generally a free spirit when it comes to art project. I love that about her. 

After drawing her spider web with a white crayon, she proceeded to use a light wash of black water colors and viola! the web presented itself “magically”