Home Crafts Halloween Crafts for Kids : Recycled Colorful Family Mummies

Halloween Crafts for Kids : Recycled Colorful Family Mummies

Halloween Crafts for Kids : Recycled Colorful Family Mummies
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Halloween Crafts for Kids: Recycled tin can mummy family

It’s October already and the kids have been talking about Halloween ever since the stores started carrying costumes and the grocery stores started carrying pumpkins. We have been painting pumpkins and trying on our costumes. Time to get crafting with the kiddos. The kids enjoy seasonal crafts, especially Halloween crafts and Thanksgiving crafts.

Something about fall and winter screams family crafting time. Last year for Thanksgiving we as a whole family made this wonderful Thanksgiving Art. This year we made this set of 4 family mummies as family project. So just a couple of action shots.


  • Tin cans ( we used Pringles can and beans can)
  • Googly eyes
  • Toilet Paper

materials for halloween crafts


We love to repurpose household items. For a list of recycled crafts visit our category page.We decided to make a mommy mummy and a daddy mummy ( my daughter thought that was hilarious!) with the tall cans. The smaller tin cans were for the kids mummies.

My older one started off this fun Halloween craft session by gluing a pair of googly eyes on a tin can.

sticking googly eyes

She applied some glue on the tin can and started wrapping the toilet paper around it. You could use tape as well. We just reminded her not to cover the mummies’eyes. My 3 year old needed help and the girls thought that it was so cool and crazy funny that  daddy is doing Halloween crafts with them.

rolling paper

Once we all finished wrapping up our mummies, the kids thought they were “too white” and we decided to make this Halloween craft a wee bit cooler. How about colorful mummies? Sure, anything goes in this Halloween craft session. I powdered a couple of sidewalk chalk { place a sidewalk chalk in a sealed plastic baggie and grind it with a hammer – instant chalk powder} Then we dumped the powdered chalk on our outdoor table ( lined with butcher paper) and spread them around.

The mummies were then rolled over the powdered chalk over and over until they got a cool looking style.

mummy halloween crafts for kids

Isn’t this “kid mummy” too cute for words? .

kid mummy halloween crafts

I chose pink and purple chalk colors and the rest for the mummy family went for orange and red.

family mummies

Ok this shot is purely creepy and at the same time funny AND coincidental. The “daddy mummy” just did not get properly covered with toilet paper and hence has the writing still visible. Those letters now look like a creepy smiley face.

parents mummy halloween crafts

We had fun as a family making these mummies. Hope you have a great time connecting with your family over this season.

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