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It is with a great excitement that I write this post about a fabulous online resource for Parents and Teachers and all childcare givers alike, Twinkl. Twinkl caters to early childhood, KS1 and KS2 ( ages 0 – 11). It is a one stop shopping for educational resource materials and what’s better, you can download and print them at home with ease.

Sign up is free and there are many free materials to choose from or you can opt for a premium subscription at a nominal fee which gives you access to a complete range of 68,000 resource materials. [highlight bg=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]The site is very easy to navigate through and is packaged into sections for easier download for premium subscribers and that means less time searching for products.[/highlight]

Being a stay at home mom, I personally love the parent section. As new parents, parenting is a learning process and to have tools like parents’ educational guides and behavior management and home routine charts is a mighty help. It is all bow-tied and packaged in a fun and kid friendly manner and it sure makes our day a tad much easier. Twinkl also offers “Around the home words” printable activities to keep the kids entertained while reading and writing. It is so easy to create new and exciting learning adventures because a the activities are just a download and print away. Brilliant !

With their easy Advent Calendar, creating a count down is so simple. Here are a couple of activities that we did with the advent calender printables from Twinkl.

For each day we decided to do a “one-good-deed-a-day” countdown. We created pockets from the advent calendar printable we downloaded from Twinkl, and wrote down the good deed for the day on a piece of paper and set it near the tree. * Great writing prompt* My 4 yr old was beaming with joy seeing a display of all her little helping acts.


Aside from seasonal printables, their everyday resources are fabulous.  The worksheets and mini downloadable books make our car rides so much fun. We all know how mean those pesky seat belts can be … I simply download and print a new activity or worksheet and that keeps my pre schooler occupied and makes our ride pleasurable.

Here is an activity that keeps my 4 yr old busy on the road:

Quiet simple, I print a math activity – numbers and counting and this keeps her pretty occupied.  This is just an example, Twinkl has hundreds of printables and resources from activities to games to books.


We also love the award stickers and chore charts which are great especially when there is a sibling involved. What fun to get an award sticker for a job well done. The chore chart also doubles as a sorting exercise, which makes chores fun to do stuff. It’s literacy and learning and fun all in one.

I’m sure you will like it as much as we did.

Check out Twinkl because they have it all. I hope you visit the site and discover some amazing resources that will work for your family too.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Twinkl. My intent is to provide my opinions( which are honest and truthful) and spur discussion. The opinions expressed are all my own.
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