Home Fine Motor Activities Fine motor activity for the baby: Stack up towers- Quick Play Idea

Fine motor activity for the baby: Stack up towers- Quick Play Idea

Fine motor activity for the baby: Stack up towers- Quick Play Idea
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Fine motor activity for the baby

This week’s quick play idea is an easy to create fine motor activity for the baby. To encourage developing fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and of course to simply PLAY, I turned to my most trusted, wallet-efficient play mate- paper rolls. Stacking blocks and tumbling them all down is one of the first fine motor milestones for a baby.  As they grow up stacking becomes a big part of building structures and I’m always trying to find new and easy ways to promote this play

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • Paper Rolls
  • Stickers(optional)
  • Paint cards(optional)
  • Tape
  • Kitchen paper holder


Cut the TP rolls into halves and the kitchen rolls into thirds to make smaller rolls. Decorate them with stickers. You could ask your older child to decorate the rolls for you. Sticking and peeling will be a fun fine motor activity for your older child. Your baby might have fun peeling off though and that again was ok since I’d see that as a fine motor activity as well. My preschooler was very excited to decorate the paper rolls with stickers and painters. Using tape for holding the cards turned out great since it gave the paper rolls an additional sensory element while playing. You can use any safe sensory element to add to the roll to make playing for baby more exciting.

simple baby play


Set up the play area with a basket of rolls and the kitchen paper holder.

The holder works to hold the tubes and little hands work on creating structures of different heights.

baby play with tp rolls

This fine motor activity kept my baby engaged, happy and playing for quite some feat. Given their attention spans at this age, I was very excited to see her merrily creating structures with such focus!

block play

building blocks with tp rolls

It also teaches problem solving, learning to remove and put through the tubes erecting and creating new structures.

baby play

Simple play for your baby.

tp roll tower

This post is the second installment of our new series – Quick Play Ideas. Every Friday we will share one easy kids activity which involves minimal preparation and thinking ahead!

blogmemom kids sensory activity

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