fall art
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Fall Art using leaves as glitter

Today we bring you a very super simple fall art that most kids would find enjoyable. The reason is  the freedom of expression. This fall art is such an open- ended art project, that it is definitely up to the kid to make it as simple or as complex as possible.

Getting the yard ready for the winter means cleaning flower beds, pruning, planting bulbs for spring and a lot of raking. Fallen leaves are everywhere and raking and bagging them is such a chore. Big S and I took a break from our yard work and got a bit crafty with the leaves we bagged.  Inspired by an article I saw in a magazine we created our own fall art with leaves.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#e5402e”]

  • Dried leaves
  • Flower petalse,
  • Construction paper
  • Elmers glue
  • Paint brush


Big S collected a bag of dried leaves and crumbled them up to make powdered leaves. She found a fun way to crumble them, you can already tell that right ?