leaf ghosts
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Halloween Crafts for Kids : Making leaf ghosts


Today we share nature based Halloween crafts for kids as our very first entry in the Paint and Play series alongside Growing a Jeweled Rose, Housing A Forest and Mess for Less. Paint and Play series will be featured every other week where we share a fun art activities for kids.

In this post you will see a fun painting leaves and stones activity.


  • Silk leaves ( I’d use real fall leaves if you can find them)
  • Stones and driftwood
  • Acrylic Paint (white)
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Markers

Our simple invitation to paint and create.

materials for leaf ghosts

Something about paint and art instantly engages and attracts the kids. Just the sight of paint gets their imagination and creativity running wild and not to mention the wide grin on their cute little faces.

white leaves

I protected my outdoor table with a plastic table cover and laid out the leaves.I loved the way even my 3 year old held on to the leaves with her pointer finger and painted with the other hand. So much fine motor developing happening! 

white leaf painting

 Initially I had expected the kids to be happy with just painting leaves. But they did not want to stop there and they continued with the stones and driftwood we had from our Nature Puzzles activity.

halloween art painted leaves

After all the nature bits were painted white, they went on to create their ghosts and monsters. Always remember to make “girl ghosts”. How do you spot a girl ghost? With eye slashes, silly!

drawing eyes on nature ghosts

Don’t these toddler made leaf ghosts look adorable? Those painted leaves were a great canvas for budding creativity. [You can easily turn the painted leaves as a writing surface and encourage beginning writers.] Reluctant writers may be excited to write when the writing surface is not paper, right?

toddler made halloween crafts

A few of the 5 year old’s creations. I adore the driftwood monster peaking from the right.

preschooler made painted leaves