Home Crafts Thanksgiving crafts for kids : Turkey Shapes Craft

Thanksgiving crafts for kids : Turkey Shapes Craft

Thanksgiving crafts for kids : Turkey Shapes Craft
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Thanksgiving crafts for kids : Geomteric Turkey

Thanksgiving crafts for kids  have already hit Pinterest like a storm. We are slowly  getting back to our crafting and playing routine after a short break after Halloween. { All our Halloween crafts for projects here } Today’s Thanksgiving craft  is an easy turkey craft for toddlers. You can easily modify it if you intend to use this as a craft for a preschooler. Crafts for toddlers are little trickier to do owing to the little person’s very short attention span and still developing fine motor skillsSo  I keep it simple on the crafting side so learning can also happen naturally. Our number turkey for my preschooler is a good example.

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I cut out a circle for the turkey’s head, oval for the body and 7 diamonds {rhombuses } for the feathers and 2 triangles for the feet.

thanksgiving crafts for kids 

Using those cut-outs I traced the shapes on a large sheet of paper to make a turkey. My curious toddler was invited to come check out the the Thanksgiving craft invitation.

 kids thanksgiving craft

 First I showed her how to match the shape on the white paper to the colored shapes. We picked up a shape , called out its name aloud. Later she used the glue stick profusely apply glue and then matched the shape to the outline on the white paper

We started off with the body  and continued with the feathers.  

thanksgiving craft

Doing the diamond {rhombus} shaped turkey feathers was pretty tricky since she has to place each feather at an angle. She tried to fit the diamond exactly into the outline I had sketched out.

math turkey craft

Each time we picked up a new shape we called out its name aloud to reinforce learning.. We continued learning and crafting with 2 triangles for the legs. This time the older sis wanted in on the action and participated by gluing the legs.
kids turkey crafts

We ended the thanksgiving craft with the head.

To give the turkey  a complete look, we glued 2 googly eyes and a tiny triangle for the beak .

Finally to reinforce the ever elusive colors learning, I set out some feathers to be glued on. Baby A color matched the feather to the color of the diamond feathers and glued those on as well.Since we did not have orange and blue feathers we stuck with the ever popular pink feathers.

turkey craft math

Here is our Geometric turkey for Thanksgiving.

crafts for toddlers

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