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Fine motor activity with egg shell puppets

Fine motor activity with egg shell puppets
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We have collecting egg shells for a while now and we recently found a fun way to use a few of them. Presenting a kid created fine motor activity for kids. When I say fine motor, I mean this is a fine motor activity with a capital F.

I presented my preschooler with some cleaned and dried egg shells, permanent markers and some flower stickers. I thought she will decorate them. But no, she went ahead and drew facial features on them and turned them into egg characters.

The writing and drawing on egg shells was great for developing her fine motor skills and more importantly pen/pencil/marker control. After breaking a couple of  eggshells with too much pressure , she finally figured out the optimal pressure needed to create a wonderful art piece at the same keeping the egg intact. [ Good opportunity to inculcate the habit of not giving up and trying harder to get the desired result]

markers and eggs shells play

Since we have been coloring eggs and decorating eggs, playing with egg shells seemed to be a good fit for this fine motor activity.

writing on shells

My toddler HAD to join in the fun. I was pretty sure this fine motor activity is not all that toddler friendly. Anyway since the younger sister by law should do whatever the older sister does, this one turned into everyone’s activity.

My toddler’s egg shells. I admired her will to continue to work with the broken shell. Love the result.

toddler writing on egg shells as fine motor activity

>We even put a flower hat on the puppets

fine motor play with eggs

Our mom puppet

writing with egg shells

The egg shell puppets were a great way to inspire some pretend play sessions. With a few characters on her fingers, my 4 year old was off making up stories. Talk about language and conversation skills!

pretend play with egg shell puppets

Our mom and kid egg shell puppets

egg shell puppets fine motor activity

Quick Notes:

1. Please know your child before engaging in egg shell puppet play. We ave at least 4-5 broken egg shell puppets. My toddler tried very hard to get her hands on those guys and use her toy hammer on them. Remember our egg shell mosaic? However my 4 year old adored her characters she tried harder to be careful with the next puppet and finally now we have 3 alive ones who talk to each other and apparently go to the park together. I  don’t want to imagine those guys going down the slide though!

2. Not so much a  toddler activity for obvious reasons.

3. The opening in the egg shell did not bother my 4 year old. If you are worried about scratches, you can cover the egg shell opening with small amounts of playdough or felt. Alternatively cover your child’s fingers with fabric.

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