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Christmas Crafts for Kids : A Christmas Tree of Hearts

Christmas Crafts for Kids : A Christmas Tree of Hearts
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Christmas Crafts for Kids: Tree of hearts

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Make a merry Christmas tree with heart cutouts and turn this Christmas craft into a cute table topper for the holiday season or use it in pretend play. We are really excited to share this Christmas craft with you. Christmas is an exciting time for kids and adults alike. It’s the season of love,  joy, family, giving,  baking, entertaining, gifting and crafting. I like to make Christmas crafts that are easy for my 4 yr old to do and still have some fun and learning with it. Here we have a Christmas craft brimming with love and joy from our favorite material- paper roll. { Access all our paper roll crafts here}

For this Christmas Tree craft you will need the following:

Materials {affiliate links}

We cut out three sizes of hearts from green and red construction paper (trying to stick to Christmas theme ). Next step assemble all the crafting supplies you are going to need. If you have a Heart Punch use it. { Very handy for Valentine’s day Crafts}Lot of hearts to cut out. Ha!

christmas craft activity what you need- blogmemom

Since we did not have contact paper, we used a wide tape  and wound it around the kitchen roll, nice and tight, keeping the sticky side up. Cover 3/4ths of the roll, leaving some room to show the tree trunk.

christmas crafts activity with paper roll- blogmemom

To create the Christmas tree, pinch the hearts at the bottom and stick it to the tape.

christmas crafts activity for toddlers- blogmemom

We are continuing with the sizes and proportions theme. { Check out our Christmas Tree Puzzle Start with the small hearts on the top, medium hearts through the center and the large ones to the bottom. Big S loved to make more and we ended up making 2 more trees the following day. She made the hearts and needless to say how much of that tape got used !

And oh!, remember to make a cone shape and attach it to the top of the roll to create the “conical” effect.  To help it stand up so she could attach the cone , she came up with a creative way: she walked in with a small can of her playdoh and set the tree right in it.

christmas tree crafts - blogmemom

There mom, now you can take a picture “-  Guess my kid knows that the camera is part of crafting and learning these days !

christmas activity tree for kids - blogmemom

It is always interesting to see what sparks her interest and how creative she gets with it. Simple projects such as this one teaches kids an important mathematical concept which lays the foundation for all the learning to come over the years.

Well, once the trees were done , putting the ornaments was easy peasy! { Try our paper roll jingle car ornaments, jingle cup ornaments or even our simple star ornament}

If you are into sensory play and not crafts for kids, then don’t forget to see our Winter/Christmas sensory bin

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  1. Great craft! Instead of winding packing tape around the tube, I used cheap adhesive lint roller sections (the perfect size) and rubbed glue stick on on the tube.


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