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Christmas Crafts for Kids : Jingle Cars Ornaments

Christmas Crafts for Kids : Jingle Cars Ornaments
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Christmas Crafts for Kids : Jingle Cars Ornaments

Have you noticed that around the months of November and December even the most non-craftiest people are so inspired to make something? I have. Everyone is happy, inspired and excited to create fond memories of spending time with their children making goodies { either in the kitchen or in the living room with a glue gun} Christmas crafts making sessions brings families together. It has in our house.

Today we will show you a super simple snazzy cool ornament you can make with a humble paper roll. We did this Christmas craft oh- may be about 3 years ago but never got around posting it. Aren’t paper roll crafts the best? We loved our paper rolls jingle bells drop fine motor activity – perfect for the holiday season. We also love our Jingle Cups Ornament we did last year!

We are combining paper rolls and one other favorite material for this holiday season – Jingle Bells. You will not regret just purchasing a small stash of jingle bells for all kinds of fun Christmas crafts and activities. We have make sound soup sensory play and  jingle bells writing tray.

On to this Christmas ornament craft

Materials {affiliate links}

You need one of the first three types of paper. Even better- make 3 Jingle cars with all the 3 materials!

Cellophane Paper 
Red Self- Adhesive Paper
Holiday Wrapping Paper
Snowflake Cutout Jingle Bells (Gold)
Craft Knife
LowTemp Mini Glue Gun
Red Paper
Gold Thread
Paper Rolls

You will need a paper roll and some red colored contact paper/cellophane paper/shiny wrapping paper. Contact paper is a sticky back paper that is primarily used to cover notebooks. But super creative people have found numerous ways to put those nifty things to use. Even we have used the contact paper in a few fun ways to create hands on play and learning environment for my kids. If you are lucky you will find these red colored paper at your local office supplies store. If not, there is always Amazon {link above}

Since we did not have red contact paper, we used red colored paper to cover the paper rolls and then we double wrapped with red cellophane paper to give this Christmas ornament a glossy look.

For the other paper roll, we used shiny Christmas themed wrapping paper. You see a pattern? All our Christmas crafts and ornaments have got to be shinny and glossy!

Note: We originally did this activity a good 3 years ago and my children were very much into Santa then and called these paper roll cars as Santa’s Flying Car. When we redid this activity, they were focussed only on the crafting part of it.

Please note that this Christmas Craft needs parental help since you will have to use a hot glue gun .

Instructions for making Jingle Cars Christmas Ornaments

Measure and outline the red contact paper and have the kids {or you can do it too} wrap the cellophane/wrapping paper paper around the paper roll. Tuck in the extras through the holes and tape the edges of the paper into the paper roll. If you are using contact paper, it makes the job a lot easier since the sticky side adheres to the paper roll very easily.

Then use a craft knife and neatly cut out a nice window for the car. Before cutting out, draw the window for extra precision. Once the window and the driver seat is carved out pop out the windshield for a more realistic effect.

jingle cars crafts

Now to make this Christmas craft even more more snazzy, you add gold wheels. Yes! gold wheels and how do you do that you ask? You can find large jingle bells that are traditionally used as ornaments.

Get a glue gun and remove 4 bells from your 9 pack and attach them to the sides of the the car. Add gold stars stickers to give the jingle cars an even more festive look.

Here is a visual representation of this Christmas ornament making process.


There it is – your own Jingle Cars ornaments for Santa.


To make it into an ornament loop a gold threadthough the hole and hang them in your tree.

paper-roll-jingle car-making

Thanks for reading



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