Home Holidays Christmas Christmas Crafts for Kids : Easy Christmas Wreath for toddlers

Christmas Crafts for Kids : Easy Christmas Wreath for toddlers

Christmas Crafts for Kids : Easy Christmas Wreath for toddlers
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materials for christmas wreath

All I had to was set out a bunch of colorful glitter pom poms, green paint and a couple of paper plates with the center cut out.  My 3 year old was the one who was way too excited to do this simple Christmas craft. I invited her to color the paper plate with paint.

painting paper plate wreath for christmas

My kids have taken to water based acrylic paint and we have been using those in place of regular washable kids paint. I feel that the acrylic colors are brighter.

paper plate christmas crafts

The paint dried pretty quick ( I’d say 10 minutes) With glue on a paper plate, pom poms on another and with the beautifully painted wreath, my 3 year old was engrossed in this easy Christmas craft. I loved the way she got all the pom poms all around the plate. All she did was dip the pom poms in glue and stick them to the plate. Simple enough for a toddler!

toddler pom poms

My 5 year old wanted to join in the fun and finished up her own plate and started gluing the pom poms. Great opportunity to show patterning and sequencing.  This Christmas craft was great for their developing fine motor skills.

toddler christmas crafts

Want to see how they turned out? Pretty sweet!

crafts for kids with paper plates

Adorable wreaths, right?

christmas wreath craft

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handmade-christmas-wreath-for-kidsFor more Christmas Crafts for kids inspiration visit our Pinterest Board

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  1. Thank you so much for the idea! I have been searching high and low for crafts for my 21 month old granddaughter and don’t seem to find many I believe will hold her attention….. She gets bored quickly with activities but I am excited to try this one.


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