Home Art Projects Art activities for kids : Texture on watercolor projects

Art activities for kids : Texture on watercolor projects

Art activities for kids : Texture on watercolor projects
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Art Activities for Kids:  Texture on watercolor projects

Combine rubbing alcohol and water colors and watch the resulting effect. 

I’m very excited to introduce a brand new series we are doing in collaboration with some of the most creative moms out there!

What: New Series – Easy Art Projects for kids



Who: We are collaborating with many of the bloggers in our Rockin’ Art Moms group along with a couple of my favorite kid bloggers.

When : Starting today we will run the series every other Monday. (Bi-Monthly/fortnightly series)


Participating Blogs {Alphabetically ordered}

Every other Monday we will be bring you a  new art project targeted towards multiple age groups. Please be sure to check out posts from the other blogs to get a good range of art activities for all ages. We here at Blog Me Mom will be focusing on art projects for toddler to Kindergarten age. You could possibly see art for school age kids, design for kids,  art for adults and our regular dose of process art. Make sure you follow the blogs to keep up! A good way to do this is to follow these Pinterest Boards.

rocking art moms

Follow Tammy at Housing A Forest

Follow Allison at Learn Play Imagine

Themes: To make things more exciting we have a few loose themes. This week we are  “Exploring Water colors”

Here is a list of upcoming themes

  • March 10th – Resist Art
  • March 24th – Exploring Crayons
  • Apr 7th String Art


Are you ready for today’s FUN art project?

 materials for watercolor projects


Good for : Ages 4 and above

Today’s project is basically observing, exploring and totally enjoying the effects of rubbing alcohol on liquid watercolors. The invitation to create was simply a stack of good quality watercolor paper, brushes, watercolor and rubbing alcohol. My 5 year old jumped at the chance to paint with liquid watercolors- our most loved art supply.

Once she covered the entire watercolor paper with liquid watercolors, we waited for about 2 minutes for the paint to start drying.

painting with watercolors

We don’t want the paint to dry completely or else the effect of alcohol will not be dramatic. I set out a small cup with rubbing alcohol in it along with a few cotton swabs. I encouraged her to dip the swab in the rubbing alcohol and gently place it on the still-wet watercolor painting.

art projects for kids with watercolors

The alcohol instantly removes and bleaches the water color out leaving a wonderful pattern behind. I researched about this pattern and learned that they are called “fish eyes”. A couple of images below really do look like fish eyes.

alcohol and watercolors

The key to a good effect is to get the timing right. If the painting gets too dry the bleach out effect is not all that apparent.

watercolor techniques for kids

My 5 year old enjoyed this painting the best. She pretty much made a tiny puddle of watercolors and started dropping alcohol in it. If you have a small puddle going then the effect of alcohol on the colors is quite visible and exciting for the kids to watch. Alternatively you can even use eye droppers instead of cotton swabs.

alcohol on water colors

On a wet watercolor painting, drawing a heart with alcohol turns out pretty neat! Looks like resist art!

watercolor hearts

This effect is pretty much swabbing the painting with alcohol. I just loved it when 2 colors swirled and mixed while wet. What’s more gorgeous than wet on went art project?

alcohol and water colors

So we made a collaborative art piece since my 5 year old is big on “scenes”.

collab art

water color prints

The orange one on the left kinda sneaked into the pictures. That painting has a different effect which will go on the blog soon.

    watercolor fun 2 watercolor fun 3

water color fun

We collected all the stunning artwork and would probably make a book out of it.

water color book

Feel free to pin this image

Texture on Watercolor Projects: Fun Process Art

Now stop by all these fabulous blogs for more watercolor art projects inspiration

Thanks for reading!


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