Home Art Projects Art Activities for Kids : Fold and Dye Tissue Art

Art Activities for Kids : Fold and Dye Tissue Art

Art Activities for Kids : Fold and Dye Tissue Art
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Art Activities for Kids : Fold and Dye Tissue Art

Have you heard of Shibori Art? Well I hadn’t heard of that particular name although I was familiar with the actual technique- the process of dip dyeing.  Then I came across this awesome arts and crafts book in the library which has so many wonderful art activities for kids. One such project was this fold, dip and dye art project. I also came across a similar post on Things to make and do.

Materials { Affiliate link for your reference}

materials for shibori art

I helped my 5 year old fold the tissue accordion style { Fine motor workout} Once we got a long strip paper, we started folding the edge into a triangle. Continue folding by turning over the strip making sure you always are left with a triangle.

making tissue traingles

If you feel you need more security for the tissue, you can always add rubber bands around the edges to keep the tissue from opening. Then it is DIPPING time. We dipped the 3 edges of the tissue paper with our super vibrant liquid watercolors.


 Based on the amount of liquid water colors you let the paper suck in, you will see various designs. I’d strongly suggest just gently letting the tissue suck the water colors since too much liquid watercolors just drenches the tissue without much of a design.

dipped traingle for art project

Ideally people wait after dipping and dying. Since we are working with young children ( and an even more impatient mother) we opened our tissue paper with so much excitement. Gently open the wet tissue paper to reveal your design!

opening the folded tissue paper -colorful art

Tada! The design will be so unique.

drip art tissue paper

You don’t have to do the same accordion style folding. We did regular triangle folding.

triangle folding

Based on the type of folding, size of the tissue paper, amount of water colors we were left with stunning pieces of colorful art on tissue. This art activity was a lot different than many other art activities for kids we do around here.

art project for kids with tissue paper

colorful art with tissue

This one in particular was done by cutting an accordion folded strip into half. Looks like paper chain dolls?

tissue paper art activities

tissue paper art project

all colorful art projects with tissue

They look gorgeous against the sun.. This shot gave me an idea for a sun catcher craft!

fold dip dye art project for kids

They also looks awesome as wall art. I just need to pop these beauties in frames and I’d have kid-made wall art for our home.

wall art tissue paper

Feel free to pin this image

Fold and Dye Art Project

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  1. I love these, I am thinking to either cut into ovals or dip with oval shape and use them as eggs. The children can weave a basket out of paper (great hands on) add some Easter grass and have beautiful Easter art!


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