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Method # 1: Art activities using sandpaper and liquid chalk.

Equal parts cornstarch and water along with a few drops of food color or liquid water colors will give you liquid chalk.

sandpaper and liquid chalk art

The sandpaper turned out to be a wonderful background for experimenting with liquid chalk.

art activities for kids with liquid chalk

It was all about exploring and experimenting with colors on sand paper.

kids art with sandpaper

I think the result was stunning. If the liquid chalk is pretty watery, the chalk doesn’t flake off after drying. In fact it gives the art a wonderful dimension and creates beautiful texture. I can see how these materials will be great to create a topography map. (with cornstarch you ask? Sure, why not?)


Method # 2 : Art activities with sandpaper and regular chalk

This one is fairly straight forward, yet the most fun. Use superfine sand paper and regular chalks to create stunning art. It was so therapeutic for the adult and lots of fun for the kid to rub chalk all over the sandpaper.

drawing with chalk on sand paper for kids

Pretending to be the wolf and blowing away the chalk dust during the art session was even more exciting.

I can visualize gorgeous geometric patterns with this chalk and sandpaper combo.

coll 3