Home Art Projects Art activities for kids : Easy Negative Space Art

Art activities for kids : Easy Negative Space Art

Art activities for kids : Easy Negative Space Art
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Art activities for kids : Easy Negative Space Art

Simple art activities for kids using liquid watercolors and household objects.

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Art activities for kids using the resist art technique are so popular for a good reason! They are simple, easy to set-up and the results are gorgeous no matter what. We have done our share of tape resist art and crayon resist art but today’s post is about something even more fun since it involves spray cans!

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materials for art activities for kids with stencils

I first covered my table with white vinyl table cloth purchased from the dollar store and then laid down some heavy paper card stock heavy construction paper watercolor paper will work)

My 3.5 year old hunted around the house and brought me a few objects (toy parts, letters, cups etc) We set them up n the heavy paper and got ready for the art project.

In the meantime I added about 2 tablespoons of our favorite liquid watercolors ( link above) and filled up the spray bottle with water. Based on the intensity of the color you desire add water to the liquid watercolors.

spraying with liquid watercolors

Then it was just spraying time. My child sprayed the colors to her heart’s content while working her finger muscles.

art projects with spray painting

It was a beautiful sight.

negative space kids art

Well we got carried away with this art activity and pretty much drenched our paper.

spray art and stencils art for kids

If you hold the spray bottle at a distance and spray gently you can achieve this. We were totally ok drenching and spraying away though.

kids art with negative space

Removing the objects was the best part!

spray stencils art for kids

Such an easy art activity for kids all ages.

art activities for kids with spray paint

What to do with the rest of the paint? Spray on left over packaging material  of course.

spraying on styrofoam

Thanks for reading . Feel free to pin this image.

easy negative space art for kids

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