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3 messy play ideas for Halloween

3 messy play ideas for Halloween
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With a toddler in the household, sensory play is a no-brainer. For this season, we had lots of fun with some Halloween Sensory/messy play.

This October has been on and off in terms of weather. There has been “Wait, is this fall?” days to “God, I’m sorry I wished for cooler weather, please let the sun shine a bit” days. On of of the really hot October days, we played with ice, actually pumpkin frozen paint. We also have our obligatory shaving cream sensory and Jell-o sensory activities. While it is true that these kind of activities has been done so many times, it still is a wonder that the kids enjoy the mess every time we do it.

With that, I give you the 3 messy/sensory play activities very popular in our household. These could very well work without the added Halloween theme.

Halloween Sensory Activity -1

Frozen Paint Play

[box title=”Things I used” color=”#333333″]

  • Kids paint
  • Pumpkin shaped ice tray
  • Flat tray
  • Cardstock paper
  • Pumpkin Spice (optional)

I added orange washable paint diluted a bit to the pumpkin ice tray and froze it overnight. In a regular tray, I froze purple and black paint.

halloween sensory paint play

                                halloween messy play


I should say that Big A has been going through a “black” phase and really loves black paint in all her art projects. Of course it doesn’t give us a “oh-so-pretty” feeling but hey, it is her art project and anything our kids create is beautiful right?

While the kids sorted the frozen paint cubes, I lined 2 flat trays with cardstock paper. The girls placed the paint cubes in it and started shaking and swaying the tray to get the cubes moving while creating beautiful patterns.

 halloween sensory activity

Big A also observed “ Once I add black paint to other colors, everything turns black, mommy”. [highlight bg=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]Color mixing and attempting  gentle movements were highlights of this activity aside from the huge sensory play potential.[/highlight]

 halloween sensory play with paint

Here are some beautiful patterns created by them.


ice cube painting

The girls loved squishing the paint and slathering it all over the paper. Big A intuitively grabbed a small stick and started writing on the paper and baby A had to follow suit. [highlight bg=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]This definitely a good activity to get the kids excited about writing.[/highlight]


frozen paint halloween sensory activity

Halloween Sensory Activity -2

Shaving Cream with Critters Play
Shaving cream sensory activity is one that never gets old with the kids. The idea is simple. Add shaving cream to a tray with the optional food coloring. Add a bunch of plastic toys for some extra fun. Make sure that you don’t get over zealous (like me) and add too many toys that it ruins the sensory experience for the kids. Add just enough so that the toys kind of spikes creative play else the toys will become a hindrance to sensory play that the kids will want you to remove all the toys completely.

 shaving cream sensory

We did some color sorting with the plastic Halloween toys. However, my younger one still thinks orange is green and yellow is red. No hurry right?

 color sorting play ideas

 halloween sensory play with shaving cream

Halloween Sensory Activity -3

Jell-O Play

This is clearly right up my toddler’s alley. Getting her hands into the jell-o and exploring, feeling and mushing gives her so much happiness that it is unreal.

 jello sensory play for halloween

I made three set of jell-o with the halloween colors and set them out for some messy play. The girls quickly dissected them and made a humongous goop. Baby A tried picking up the jello using a clothespin and soon figured out that it is not happening.

 jelly sensory play for halloween

On suggestion, we added shaving cream and glitter to make a sparkly goop.

See how the bin gets grosser ..

 jello halloween sensory

Grand finale. Sensory bin for Halloween – Ultimate gross sensory play for Halloween. Not cute but loads of fun for the young ones.


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