Home Books Halloween Activities for Kids: Pumpkin Carriage for Princess Pigsty

Halloween Activities for Kids: Pumpkin Carriage for Princess Pigsty

Halloween Activities for Kids: Pumpkin Carriage for Princess Pigsty
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Halloween activities for kids based on a book.

We have been having good fun this season thinking up  many Halloween crafts and activities for kids. Today’s Halloween activity is a fun book related activity.

Have you read Princess Pigsty? If not you should. In a world where the possibility of companies“princessifying” even a single button exists, books about non-princesses are very essential. After checking out No Time for Flash Card’s books about positive princesses, we borrowed  a few from the list and Princess Pigsty instantly became my daughter’s favorite. It’s about a princess who  wants to be independent and follow her own path and not just marry a prince and be served by her servants all day. I agree the kids immediately pick up on the princess’s misbehavior towards her own parents. You could easily avoid that by editing the story a wee bit while reading it to them.

Should I call it timing or not we had just painted our pumpkin golden in order to make a carriage. As soon as we read Princess Pigsty, we decided to make Princess Pigsty a carriage.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • Pumpkin
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Tinker Toys stems
  • Bead strings
  • A wooden crate with dirt
  • Horse and Pig
  • Princess Pigsty 3D puppet



We painted our pumpkin with brown metallic acrylic paint. [ If you want to keep your Halloween activities nature based, check out our other nature pumpkins post]My younger one is very eager with the paint while the older one is eager with small world play.

Here is our golden pumpkin.


Once the paint dried, daddy carved out a basic window for the carriage and attached the tinker toy stems  to the pumpkin using bead strings.

Since the pigsty princes has not been commercialized yet, we don’t have a toy. We had to be satisfied with a home made cotton ball stuffed paper toy puppet.

We used the cotton ball technique we saw in our Manatees craft to create a princess puppet.

Pigsty Princess would be happier with a dirty carriage and not shiny sparkly carriage. Right? We poured down black acrylic paint to give it a pigsty look.

For a pigsty we used a small wooden crate and filled it up with dirt  and a bit of water.. I set up a small pigsty with only one pig..With the dirty carriage and the pigsty nearby, the princess will have a ball of a time here rolling around in the mud.


This is such a simple set up for my daughter who is not big fan of too many items on her plate. Just a pig, dirt and a carriage was enough to make her happy. We retold the story and added newer elements to it.

Thanks for reading

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