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Winter Sensory Bin : I-Spy Sensory Game

Winter Sensory Bin : I-Spy Sensory Game
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Winter Sensory Bin : I-Spy Sensory Game

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An easy pretend snow winter sensory bin that can be quickly turned into an I-Spy game tub with all the winter elements.

From the last couple of posts you can see that we have been having fun with our pretend snow. { Our simple winter sensory bin with sparkly snow and our pre-writing fun in sparkly pretend snow}

We used the same sparkly sensory material as base and I added some fun knick-knacks to the bin while slightly covering a few and full-on burying a few. I used the following items in the sensory bin. I have tried to link near similar products but you can use whatever you have on hand for this sensory bin I-Spy game.

This activity contains small, loose parts. 

I wrote down the items I’m adding to the winter sensory bin on individual  index cards. This was an on-the spot activity there wasn’t much planning since the kids were too eager to hunt for the stuff.  You could do the following simply things to incorporate some learning ( if you are inclined to, or else this can be for pure fun)

  • Writing the items being added in the same color ( eg. simply writing red pom poms with a red marker with a small doodle of a pom pom) gives your younger player a chance to play this game independently since the clues are visual.
  • Adding the items in a proper increasing order ( eg: 1 jingle bell, 2 buttons, 3 pom poms etc) gives  everyone a chance to practice counting, number recognition and one-to-one correspondence.

sensory tub set up

Since my 3 year old was also playing I just slightly covered a few items so that she will be encouraged to try and complete the game.

looking for items in the snow sensory bin


More challenging ones like looking for 10 white gems in a pure while sensory bin was very exciting for my 5 year old. This sensory bin I-Spy game taught them multiple things – obviously math, alertness, fine motor skills, being quick and many more unknown us haha!

plying the Ispy game in the sensory bin

After they found their treasure they would match them on the respective index cards as a big sign of victory!


Here is the completed sensory I-Spy game.

ispy game in snow

So, what do you think? Will your children enjoy playing this hunting game in a winter bin? If your kids would rather move around and find stuff, here is an idea for a backyard color hunt with sticky paper. Be sure to check out this game by clicking on the image.

sticking yellow for scavenger hunts

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