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Toddler Activities: Apple Tree Craft

Toddler Activities: Apple Tree Craft
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Toddler Activities: Sticky Apple Tree Craft

Many of the kids activities we do usually are open ended that both my kids ( 5 and 3) can do together. Every now and then we create an activity with one particular age group in mind. Today we are focusing on toddler activities. In the past we have had fun with many toddler activities in the form popsicle painting, Jelly bean bush activity, color matching garden and many more.

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Although we can’t see the seasons change clearly in Southern California.I have been talking to the kids about it. When we consciously looked for the season change we found it and we made fall sensory jars and fall maracas with it. Continuing with the theme, we decided to do a apple tree craft created especially for my toddler. Materials Used:

  • Contact Paper
  • Tape



  • Red Pom Poms



  • Real Leaves



  • Basket



  • materials needed for apple crafts



I taped a sheet of contact paper on the wall sticky side up. Then with my apparently waning drawing skills I drew an apple tree outline. Earlier I had filled up a basket with red pompoms, leaves and green Easter grass.

apple tree outline for apple crafts

My toddler came over to check out the invitation to play and create. Immediately asked ” Is that an apple tree, mom” She continued to explore the contents of the basket placed near by and started working. We have done a few contact paper projects before so she knew how this apple tree craft works. [While I enjoy watching both my kids at play together, I adore these toddler activities we create especially for the younger. We try to focus on the skills she is working on or focus on her interests. Now that she is growing up so fast she has her own set of definite interests and these toddler activities designed for her try to capture those.] She chose to start off with sticking the real leaves on the contact paper while working on her language skills and fine motor skills.

fun with apple tree - apple tree crafts

Not satisfied with the number of leaves I had set out she went out and collected more leaves and continued the process to really fill up the tree with leaves. Now she was ready for her apples. The fluffy pom poms went on the sticky paper while she counted. She also talked about how apples are also green in color. She loved her earlier toddler activities which focused on colors.  She proceeded to add a couple of green apples as well.

adhering leaves on sticky apple tree

I set out Easter grass really not knowing how she would use it. Well she did declare that they can be grass. She ended up doing a pattern on the tree trunk. Here is our simple toddler made apple tree. apple crafts for toddlers But wait, the best part was what followed. Play apple picking and [apple falling] with your toddler. I guarantee they will love it. The pom poms obviously did not stay put for long. So they kept falling off. Every time one fell down, she started squealing that “the apples are falling!the apples are falling!”. She independently placed a basket under the [idea was hers but I had to help her with the exact placement] to “catch” the falling apples. Sadly, I couldn’t get any pictures of this fun play time. Few observations during play and create time

    • She continued to catch the falling apples


  • She pulled the apples from the tree and dropped them into the basket



  • She scrapped the apples to the basket



  • She even blew the apples from the tree to the basket.



  • Then she walked around selling the apples.



Can you see how a very simple apple tree activity can turn into an extended play time with a heavy dose of learning.

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