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Thanksgiving craft with gloves

Thanksgiving craft with gloves
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Turkey crafts for kids : Use gloves to make turkeys

Thanks to husband for inspiring today’s Thanksgiving craft. After actually attempting to create with the kids, I personally saw the way the kids enjoyed painting on the gloves. They really got a kick out of the term “Glove turkey”.

Materials {affiliate links}

thanksgiving crafts for kids

The first step was the most fun for the kids. Use the balloon pump ! We took turns pumping air into the glove to get it into a good shape we were satisfied with. Fasten with a rubber band or string just like you would secure a balloon. Be very meticulous with the securing process because you don’t want to wake up to a flat glove turkey. The kids do get upset to see their creations flat because mom did not fasten them with care.

Anyway, it was good opportunity to talk about air. I engaged big A with some quick facts about air and the other 2 states of matter.

Once we “blew” up some turkeys it was time to paint them.

 turkey crafts for kids

This Thanksgiving craft is both a toddler’s and a pre schooler’s haven becauses it uses two  kids favorites: Balloon pump ( although not balloons themselves) and paint. Big A, true to form painted the turkey to T. She chose her colors as she now knows the shades we use on a turkey. It is better to give the kids thin brushes to prevent colors mixing on each finger (feather). However, you could let the activity to be completely open ended  and have the kids paint the turkeys with their choice of colors.

That’s what happened with my toddler. She picked out her own colors and had a blast painting all over the turkey.

Pre schooler’s glove turkey creation. I love to see that her strokes are getting more uniform these days, completely eliminating the need to demonstrate uniform strokes. The one of the left is Big A’s

thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers

Toddler’s glove turkey creations. With some stick-on foam letters, she was very happy to peel and stick the letters on the turkey. Fine motor skills development, letter recognition and creativity enhancement- all in one activity.

turkey craft for the kids

turkey craft for kids

crafts for thanksgiving

We let the turkeys dry for a while and I came back to glue on eyes and beaks.

I made beaks out of yellow construction paper folded into a cone and hot glued both the beaks and googly eyes to the turkeys. School glue should work if you want to stay away from the glue gun.

A glued on craft stick will turn this Thanksgiving craft into a homemade puppet.  The kids ran around with their turkey creations and it turned into a pretend play session.

For display, I inserted the turkey craft into our glitter tubes and set them out on our mantle. Well, it looked freaky so I took them down and stood them up with play dough. If you have air-drying clay that should work perfect.

NOTE: The turkey craft is clearly not something you can save for ever since the glove turkey does deflate within a day or two. Please treat this activity as something fun to do with the kids. You could possibly do this the day before Thanksgiving.

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