Home Science Science experiments for kids : Fizzing color mixing activity

Science experiments for kids : Fizzing color mixing activity

Science experiments for kids : Fizzing color mixing activity
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An exciting science experiment for kids that also teaches primary and secondary colors.

Science should be ideally fun at all ages. Unfortunately somewhere along the way of growing up, school, exams, pop quizzes and projects it loses its charms and begins to get daunting. Ha! Let the kids have fun with science when they can. What better way to have fun than some good old hands – on experiment with baking soda and vinegar? We enjoy color mixing here and today we mix up color mixing and science experiments.

This science experiment activity was primarily for my preschooler although my toddler wiggled and forced her way into the fun. Who can blame her? The colors are far too tempting.

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[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • Clear Cups
  • Eye dropper/pipettes
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Food Color


I set out primary colored baking soda ( plus pink baking soda because everry activity needs a dose of pink!)  along with primary colored vinegar in clear cups.

science experiments

To color the baking soda and vinegar I just added a drop of food color. I use Ameri Gel Food Paste and love it for the vibrant color it produces.

I also set out spoons, pipette and another empty cup to conduct the science experiments.

Since we have done a few similar experiments for kids earlier, my preschooler knew exactly what she can do with the items. It was great to see her show her little sister the procedure. Whether she wanted to follow it or not is a whole different story!

kids engaging in experiments

Somehow during any color mixing experiments, the kids start off making green. May be the yellow to green transformation is truly dramatic!

learn secondary colors

This color mixing science experiment also saw many, many orange colors. So many oranges were created that my toddler kept squealing “red and yellow makes orange, orange!” These experiments seemed like a huge discovery for a young mind.

fizzing experiments

We experiment with many combinations

color mixing

This result reminds me of  coral reef. Ha?

baking soda and vinegar color mix

After experimenting in cups, we moved on to an empty egg carton. We experimented with yellow baking soda and blue vinegar. Then we tried mixing blue baking soda and yellow vinegar. Just providing a few challenges here and there gets the kids excited and actively enraged in the experiment.

Here is our final result

experiments for kids with baking soda

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