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Addition activity for preschoolers

Addition activity for preschoolers
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This fun math activity will be better suited for preschoolers and above.

Big A’s school has been doing some addition and she is psyched  enough to transfer her knowledge to her baby sister. “2 lions plus 2 tigers equals .(thinks for a while…) 4 animals [ Got the unit right]..

As an indoor activity, I put together a simple math activity with some foam sheets, markers and glass gems (incentive)

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#b33838″]

  • Apple and pumpkin shaped foam sheets
  • Markers
  • Glass gems



The sheets are not in a great condition because my younger one simply had to write on those foam sheets and smudge them before her older sister came over to play. The younger one hangs out with me much more than the older one does. Whenever I turn around, baby A is right there under my foot. ( not complaining, occasionally I love it)

I set the sheets out and invited Big A with a riveting statement “ Hey, did you know apples plus apples equals pumpkins” She walked over to check out what on earth I was talking about.

This pre schooler math activity is pretty straight forward.

I had 2 sets of apple foam sheets (green and red) with numbers 1 through 5 written out.

The pumpkin foam sheets with numbers 1 through 10 written out.

I also have 2 cards with plus and equals sign on them.


Big A can choose 2 apples and start adding them up using any one of the following methods
[box title =”methods” color=”#b33838″]

  • 1. Count the stars on the foam sheets
  • 2. Pick out corresponding glass gems and place them on the apples and total the gems
  • 3. Use fingers



Once she finds the total, she looks for the number in her pumpkin foam sheets pile.


She loved using the glass gems method for obvious reasons. They are shiny, soft and serve as a wonderful sensory experience while learning. On the flip side, the gems did distract them a little bit as they got too excited with playing with the gems. Please know your child before incorporating any learning methods.


Big A picked the corresponding number of gems from the pile and placed them on the appropriate cards and finally totaled them up.She looked for the matching pumpkin number and made a equation.


We have been practicing finger addition too.

What methods do you use for teaching the kids addition? What math activities do you do with your pre schooler?

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