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Strings and Duplo

Strings and Duplo
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We had good fun with Duplos this week too. Well, what’ new? We are always with our duplos on our window seat, building, demolishing, talking and often times fighting for the same lego piece.

This time, we have a new addition. We added strings to our legos and that gave us a whole realm of possibilities. Older one here is obsessed with strings ( aren’t they all obsessed with something?)

Seriously, I’m constantly missing belts from my clothes ( fabric belts, leather belts), fabric belts from her own clothes.  Anything long, which can be tied to something, you can find it in her own.

This is our long stringy type things in a big knot.

Big A was trying to get a belt attached to the green lego base. She used a lego piece to tie string to the mat but she wasn’t having any luck. Once daddy showed her how she could do the same with 2 lego pieces, bulb went off and she started making quite a few thing with strings and legos


We created trains, trains and more trains with a fancy caboose one day



Then we built a handbag another day- This is by far my favorite

Recently we made a hanging zoo.

Strings made already awesome duplos, more fun!

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