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Homemade Puzzles

Homemade Puzzles
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We are an animal loving household. On account of World Animal Day on October 4th, we have decided to do a month long animal play, crafts, art, activities – one animal related post per day to spread the love for animals by kids and humans in general.

What is World Animal Day?

[pullquote align=”left”]“World Animal Day has become a day for remembering and paying tribute to all animals and the people who love and respect them. It’s celebrated in different ways in every country, with no regard to nationality, religion, faith or political ideology. “[/pullquote]

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We are happy to be participating in the blog hop this time around.

Onto today’s post

Husband is a big pet lover and had many growing up (parrot, dog, cat). He is always gushing how good a pet can be to a child. It teaches a kid how to care, love for animals, how to be responsible, how to read emotional cues. The apple did not fall far away from the tree since the older one is a huge fan of anything “wildlife”.

Today’s activity came straight out of the horse’s mouth. Big A clearly said she wants to do a “cheetah project” and went on to explain how we do it.

I love it when they come up with their own project. Anyway that’s what we did with a bit of twist because along the way she changed her mind.

[box title=”Things needed” color=”#9b1d1d”]

  • Yellow card stock paper
  • scissors
  • firm base to arrange the pieces
  • Color Printer
  • Computer


  1. Printed our a cheetah in one of our colored paper
  2. Cut out the cheetah into different body parts


Right when I was about to cut them into 4 body parts, Big A changed her mind and said she wanted a cheetah puzzle.

Not hard I thought to myself.

Flipped the card stock over and used my regular wooden puzzle pieces to trace on the back of the cardstock.

Cut them out  and spread the pieces around.


Use a firm base to work on the puzzle.

Big A had her reference picture and immediately started working on the puzzle.

She started out sorting the pieces into 3 piles – face, body parts and just green parts.

The mama cheetah and the cubs were fixed first

The puzzle taking shape

I must say it is not easy fitting pieces made out of card stock because of two reasons. the material and the pieces could not be cut out all that accurately.

Since she is a big animal an and a bigger puzzle fan she did not get frustrated and managed to finish it off with one piece missing.

Stay tuned for more animal activities.

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