Home Art Projects St.Patrick’s Day Art : Fizzing Color Mixing Shamrock Art

St.Patrick’s Day Art : Fizzing Color Mixing Shamrock Art

St.Patrick’s Day Art : Fizzing Color Mixing Shamrock Art
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St.Patrick’s Day Art : Fizzing Color Mixing Shamrock Art

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Color mixing science and acid-base reactions are used in creating this beautiful St.Patrick’s Day Art.  Shamrock art project couldn’t get easier.

Materials {affiliate links below for your reference}

Using a shamrock printable or a die-cut machine cut out a bunch of shamrocks on thick white cardstock paper. { water color paper is better though}

Making the paint for this Shamrock Art Project

Yellow Paint : 2 TBSP of baking soda mixed with 3 TBSP of water and a squirt of yellow food color with a generous pinch of gold glitter.

Blue Paint : 2 TBSP of vinegar with a squirt of blue food color { keep your blue paler than the image below}

{ We love AmeriColor Gel Food Color}

sciene and art shamrock art

Surprise your child by inviting him/her to paint the shamrocks yellow!

{Based on the age} they may quip that shamrocks are green and not yellow. Then show them your blue paint. St.Patrick’s day art activity just got cooler! They will put 2 and 2 together and get excited about the possibility of a color mixing project. Have them paint the shamrocks genourously with yellow { take care that the baking soda paint is not too thick. Try not to have as much residual baking soda on the shamrocks}

shamrock st patricks day activity yellow shamrocks

Then comes the baking soda-vinegar reaction! Yes, this shamrock art project has a small dose of science in it. Have the child dip her brush in the blue paint and gently press it on the yellow shamrocks.

izzing science shamrock art

Have him observe the 2 changes that are happening.

1. The color of the shamrock changes to green from yellow

2. While the color is changing they also hear the “fizzing” sound of the baking soda – vinegar reaction.

fizzing art with shamrocks. jpg

Based on the age , talk to them about physical changes and chemical changes 

sciene and art shamrock art

Let the shamrocks dry for a while and then hold them up against a sunny window.

shamrock window art

This St.Patrick’s Day art project is simply an exploring, open-ended art project. What happens is that the baking soda forms a white layer over the art. Use a pastry brush to gently brush off the excess baking soda. As it dries you may see the blue and the yellow in various spots.

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