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After the fun we had with our paper plate ABC garden we decided to do a fun colors spring craft for  my toddler. Even though we are officially into Spring, we are so ready for the nicer weather and cheery flowers not to mention outdoor gardening. To satisfy our need for bright flowers and bugs we managed to pull together an easy spring craft that teaches colors.

materials neede for spring craft

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • Foam stickers (flowers and insects)
  • Colored crafts sticks
  • Play dough
  • Small cups
  • Easter Grass (optional)


With some foam stickers, a sorter of any kind and brightly colored craft sticks I invited my toddler to play “color matching garden”

We sorted the sticker into colors first.  I tried to keep the number of stickers to a reasonable number because hello! toddlers and long attention spans? Once we sorted out the colors, I pulled out the colored craft sticks and placed them on the table and announced” how about we match the colors and stick the flowers and bugs on the sticks”

It was met with an enthusiastic “Yes” and off we went to peel, stick and match.

Peeling for fine motor practice.

fine motor play in spring craft

Sticking for hand to eye coordination.

fine motor with stickers in spring craft

Sorting, matching and counting for color concepts and counting practice.

sorting and stickers in spring craft

With this spring craft we were working on fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, color concepts and math via counting. How is that for a good dose of play-based learning? Stickers teach? You can say that again!
Here is our spring craft masterpiece all nice and arranged.

craft sticks color matched with stickers spring craft

Our color matching did not end there. We need a garden to set up our plants.

I placed the same colored play dough in cups and plates and had my toddler match the crafts sticks to the play dough and plant her craft stick.

That’s another time to reinforce colors and to make a pretty indoor garden.

color garden with play dough in a spring craft activit

Our garden in all its craft stick glory.