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Save the bunnies: Easter science experiment

Save the bunnies: Easter science experiment
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Save the bunnies: Easter science experiment

Wonderfully fizzing sensory science which works as a great Easter sensory activity for kids. A great way to experiment acid-base reactions for kids.

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Materials {affiliate links below for your reference}

Ever we did our soapy sculptures activity with frozen bubble bath, the kids have been enjoying playing with those “soap cakes”. Visit the post for detailed directions. Since we had one more muffin tin filled with soap leftover we decided to experiment with the colorful soaps. { Check out our colorful rainbow lemon eruptions science as well}

Instead of playing with more frozen soap, I decided to add some baking soda to it. I removed about half of the soap from each slot of the muffin tin and replaced with baking soda to fill up the slot and nicely mixed it up. I also added a few toys in there. { Remember that the toys you add may stain. So choose wisely}

making the soapy cakes for easter activity

I placed the muffin tin in the freezer until the soap+baking soda cake freezes up. I used a knife to slightly loosen it up and popped them all off.

making baking soda and soapy cakes for sensory science

Place them all in a clear container for some science experiments and sensory activities.

easter science for kids

I particularly loved this cute bunny sitting in s a soapy baking soda cake.

bunny sensory science for easter

We also trapped a bunch of fairies, flowers and a Chima figure. {Ewar?}

trapping chima guys for sensory science

Then it was time for experimentation. I gave the kids a squeeze bottle filled with vinegar, a bottle of lemon juice and a cup of citric acid. You can do this sensory science with just vinegar as well.

You can first sprinkle the soap cakes with citric acid to start the fizz. Then the kids squirted some lemon juice over them.

flower is trapped

Then they finally went at it with vinegar. The fizzing and foaming action is slow but steady and lasts for a long time. Don’t expect an instant fizzing like our regular baking soda and vinegar reaction experiments. Since a larger quantity of baking soda is frozen along with soap it takes a while for the vinegar to start the reaction. But the foaming lasts a LONG TIME!

sensory play for spring

Adding the bunnies and flowers turned out be great since this can probably work as a wonderful Easter activity for kids.

vinegar sensory play

The foaming soap cakes are such a pleasant site!

sensory easter play

Here are the bunny, flowers and fairies being rescued with the help of some fizzing and foaming action from the vinegar.

sensory fun for easter

Half fizzed soap-baking soda cake with a still-stuck fairy.

trapped fairy

I had my child wait a few seconds before squeezing some more vinegar. This gives the soap cakes and the vinegar a chance to react. They also experimented with sprinkling citric acid and squeezing lemon juice.

all the colors sensory play

Quick run down

  • Take a muffin tin
  • Add bubble bath soap and fill up half of each slot
  • Add baking soda for the rest of the half
  • Mix in food coloring and gently mix
  • Add some small toys
  • Place the muffin tin in freezer until the contents freezes up
  • Remove the soap and baking soda cakes
  • Squirt vinegar and lemon juice on them and watch the cakes fizz and foam

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Sensory Science Experiment with a Easter theme| Use soap and baking soda for a fun play time

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