Home Art Projects Pumpkin Crafts for kids : Sparkly Pumpkins

Pumpkin Crafts for kids : Sparkly Pumpkins

Pumpkin Crafts for kids : Sparkly Pumpkins
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Pumpkin Crafts for kids : Sparkly Pumpkins

Simple idea for creating shiny pumpkin craft for kids.

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I printed out an outline of a couple of pumpkins of different sizes and  taped the paper to a cereal box { you can use cardboard too.} You just need a heavy canvas for creating this pumpkin since the pumpkin craft project’s product tends to be super heavy.

Those 2 shiny ingredients have already made a couple of appearances on the blog. We have used ice cream salt to make crystal play dough and to make homemade rocks and gems. The links show you the process for coloring them. We love using this brand of Washable Liquid Watercolor Paints and this brand of Ice Cream Salt

materials for pumpkin craft

This pumpkin crafty art project will make a fantastic collaborative project  { Divide the class into groups and make large shiny pumpkins}

We brushed glue on the inside of the pumpkin and quickly scattered the colored salt before the glue dried up.

gluing down pumpkins for fall craft

The kid took care in not covering the lines of the pumpkin. Getting the glue and eventually the salt on just the insides of the pumpkin was tricky. I think she did a great job with this pumpkin craft.

ice cream salt pumpkin craft

We did section by section for better control of the project.

glue pumpkin craft for kids

Getting the green stem,all filled in was the highlight since that instantly gave the pumpkin lots of character.

fall fine motor craft with pumpkins

Let the pumpkins dry for a whole day before attempting to life it. I let it dry for 2 days and when I proceeded to lift the heavy paper just a few salt crystals fell off. Most of them were still intact and looked gorgeous!

tiny pumpkin craft for kids

Gotta love all that texture on that pumpkin.

textured pumpkin fall craft for kids

More pumpkin crafts here

pumpkin craft with ice cream salt

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Pumpkin ArtCraft with lots of shine and shimmer. Good for preschoolers

Have you seen our Pumpkin Silhouette Craft?

Pumpkin crafts for kids silhouttes

For more ideas check out our resourceful e-book filled with many preschool play ideas.

preschool play book

We have also collaborated on another e-book with simple and practical baby play ideas.

baby book

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