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Pumpkin activities for kids: Candy Pumpkin

Pumpkin activities for kids: Candy Pumpkin
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Pumpkin Activities for kids with candy and colored pumpkin

We are enjoying the candy activities series we are doing along side a few other bloggers. We participated in sensory activities with candy, learning with candy and today we are creating art with candy. We are going to decorate a pumpkin with candy!

First I initially used a pumpkin pie pumpkin and painted in multi colors. You can have an older child do this since the painting the pumpkin in rainbow colors is so much fun. Once dry I set out this colorful pumpkin and a bits of pieces of candy in a tray as an invitation to create! My initial plan was to include the candies my child are not very interested in Sadly though this pumpkin activity morphed into a bring in colorful candy bits.

Pumpkin Activities : Invitation to create with candy and pumpkins

candy invitation

I poured a small amount of white glue in a squeeze bottle ( for controlled and precise pouring of glue) and were made as well the children used the bottles to apply glue on top of the pumpkin in small dabs occasionally giant puddles of glue were made as well)

glue with candy on pumpkins

They then proceeded to stick the pieces of candy on the glued part while taking care to color match the part of the pumpkin and the color of the candy. Learning colors while creating art.

peel of candy play

Well it so happened that not all the candy pieces adhered to the pumpkin. The gummy(gelatin-based) type candy had a hard time staying on and so did the Sweetarts.

pumpkin candy

The children however made this pumpkin activity more fun by making *that* the highlight. They smeared the pumpkin with glue and let the candy pieces which wouldn’t stick slide down the pumpkin. Smear glue and play glue slide with the candy bits and it was oh-so-fun. It was a good example of creative thinking and the simple pleasures of play for a young child.

Some candy pieces did adhered and after color matching them to the rainbow sections ( almost!) they looked beautiful.

colorful candy art

Here is another side which looked prettier!

pumpkins decor craft

Simple activity with a tiny bit of learning, right?

Thanks for reading

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