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Play dough Play : Tracing and coloring with playdough

Play dough Play : Tracing and coloring with playdough
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It’s been a while since we shared any play dough play ideas. However it does not mean the kids have lost interest. They have loved play dough play and still do.

To make play dough play different and even more interesting that it is, we did a semi-learning and playing activity. Coloring with play dough!

For this I made a batch of Kool-Aid playdough. You can easily any playdough you have hand. My kids LOVE the smell of Kool-Aid playdough and there are plenty of homemade playdough recipes. I use a simple, no-cook playdough recipe.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • 1 cup white flour
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 1 packet Kool-Aid
  • 2/3 cup of boiling water
  • 1 TBSP oil


koolaid playdough recipe

What we used:

  • Playdough
  • Coloring sheets
  • Clear ziplock bags

Play dough Play set up:

Cut pictures from your favorite coloring book and put them in a clear plastic bag. Set up the play dough close by to choose from. That’s all the set up you need to do. You can easily adjust this to make it a toddler playdough activity by using simple, big pictures. Toddlers love the squishy texture of play dough and the play dough number activity we did was big fun for older toddlers.

play dough play

During this play dough play your child can choose their favorite colors to trace, color the picture. This also allows for easy clean up as the plastic bags keep the dough from sticking on to the paper. Don’t like a color combination? clean up the sheet and start again. Once you are done with a picture simply swap in a new picture for a whole new coloring and tracing experience.

playdough for preschoolers

You can also pack up a few of these in smaller quart,sandwich bags for a busy bag or road travel.

playdough barbie

Play dough is a very wonderful sensory play element and is a moms best friend for road trips and group play. With just a few accessories it provides an open ended activity for children. Here are a few more shots form our playdough art activity.

tracing and coloring with playdough

Thanks for reading.

Some more play dough play ideas.

toddlers math activity with play dough and numbers
playdough play ideas

 Rose scented play dough

valentines day play dough recipe

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