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Ice Activities: Summer ice jewelry

Ice Activities: Summer ice jewelry
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How about making ice jewelry for an even fun summer activity? Playing with ice is a special summer treat.

You can simply use food colored water. I used flavored ones for that extra sensory element.

I snipped up the flavor ice packets and let them into an ice-cube tray. It is a great way to introduce color to flavor connection for younger kids. “Hey see this yellow water- is it lemon flavor or orange flavor?” We did this with our kool-aid popsicle painting

 [box title=”What we used” color=”#333333″]

  • Flavor-Ice Liquid
  • Ice cube tray
  • Thread


I used a kitchen thread and ran the thread along the sides of the ice-cube tray making sure that the thread is immersed into each cube. I set it in the tray in the freezer.

summer ice play

I also made a couple of extra ice trays and made smaller strings for bracelets for all.

colored ice jewelry

Set up a play area with some  of your tot’s favorite dolls for an icy play. Here are a few shots from our play scene. The girls had fun dressing up Dora with Ice jewelry and the chillness added a fun sensory play into the play.

ice play for summer

Happy Dora with funky ice jewelry.

ice jewellery

I also gave them a weighing scale to add an experiment dimension to the play. As the cubes were melting it was funny to see how many cubes we needed on either sides to balance the scale.

experiements with ice

Melting flavor ice was so sticky from the sugar and that too became an unexpected sensory play activity in our play.

colored ice play

How is that for  sensory play activities for toddler this summer?

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