play dough recipe for tie dye play dough
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Homemade play dough recipe for a tie-dye play dough

The kids really LOVED making these multi-colored play dough using crepe paper/bleeding tissue again. Yep, we are finding more ways to create with streamer paper/crepe paper. Check out our “just add water” art, crepe paper sensory painting and our latest play dough play idea with paper dough. Today we are combining play dough and crepe paper/streamer paper again,  except this time the fun is on the outside unlike the paper dough where the super unique texture was on the inside.

Materials (affiliate links)

Bleeding Tissue Paper

Crepe Streamer Paper

Playdough supplies

The type of tissue paper is very important because the color HAS to run! Lot of crepe paper are no-run type of paper these days so make sure you know what you are buying. Bleeding tissue paper from the above links as the name suggests will bleed. That’s a good fit. However I really love the texture of crepe paper and would personally use that if I know that that type does bleed.

As usual we gathered our uber-versatile crepe paper and went to town tearing them up. Tearing the paper and feeling the bits was quite the sensory activity.

materials for craft

I used our usual play dough recipe mentioned in our flowers play dough play post to make 4-5 balls of white colored play dough. ( read no added food color)

set up

The creation or fun begins now. I gave the kids a small cup of water and invited them to stick and play on the play dough. How fun and easy is this play dough play idea? Any tissue paper that bleeds colors will work in this play dough play activity.

fine motor with sticking

I told the kids that we are going to color the outside of the play dough and they thought I was so silly to color without markers! Although my preschooler remembered that crepe paper gives out colors and very proudly advised her younger sis ” remember we painted with this crepe stuff” Picking up the tiny bits of paper and carefully pasting them on to the play dough was quite the fine motor activity.

toddler sticking crepe paper on play dough

My toddler wanted to really drench the crepe paper with water and did a mega overlay of many colors

completed play dough with crepe

My preschooler true to form was very organized and detail-oriented during the play dough play activity.