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Outdoor Activities for Kids : Picture Book Hunt

Outdoor Activities for Kids : Picture Book Hunt
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Outdoor Activities for Kids : Picture Book Hunt

It’s warm and breezy at the same time here. To spice up our outdoor activities for kids and to incorporate some learning in there, we made this super simple “book hunt”. My children love scavenger hunts and when the weather is warm we do many, many treasure hunts.! Unfortunately I don’t blog much about our outdoor adventures. Last spring however I wrote about out sticky scavenger hunt we did along with my toddler. Spring is such a great time to get out of the house and enjoy nature – how about making some “spring flowers potions” and “fresh flowers play dough” ?

Outdoor Activities for Kids : Scavenger Hunt with books

The set up was simple. I gathered our favorite pictures and hit them among our bushes, trees and plants in our backyard.

easter book hunt

My daughter was very excited to play this “game”.  { She is a good reader now. If playing with beginning readers, visual clues will be better!} Learning through outdoor activities for kids is SUCH great combo that almost all children adore these kind of activities. The books were not that hard to find!

checking for books scavenger hunt with books

But instead of just giving her a list of books hidden around the backyard I gave her a set of clues. An example : ” A book about an egg-legged creature building a house”

 outdoor activities with picture books

Once she found the book, she would go down the list and check off the clue that is appropriate. Alternatively you can also suggest the child to solve the “book riddle” first and then go out for the hunt. Whatever works!

book riddles book hunt

Some books were hidden in very tricky places that it made the hunt more interesting. We would have played the game atleast 5 times! and we took turns in hiding the books.

caterpillar book hunt


Mix up this year Easter Egg hunt with a dash of literacy! Try out book hunt.

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Book Hunt with ideas for books

You many or may not use the same books I used for the book hunt. Yet, I created a simple list of all the book I used which has all the “cryptic clues” along with the answers.

Click here to download the file


  1. fantastic and fun loving approach which will also inculcate reading habits in kids once they become familiar with books!!!! superb!!!!


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