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Mess Free Art Projects for Kids : Rainbow Initials Art

This is a sponsored conversation between Kids Play Box and Kwik Stix, The Pencil Grip Inc.

We don’t do a whole of sponsored conversations here but I’m so glad to introduce this amazing product for all you lovely readers. We love art projects here and are never afraid of the paint, brushes, the mess or the clean up. All our colorful art projects we have done over the years are proof. Having said that, every one in a while it is great to still engage in beautiful vibrant art project that doesn’t involve a lot of clean up.

Materials {affilates}

Edit: If you are following the “No Mess Pumpkin Painting” image from Pinterest, the project is the same one. Use the above materials to create gorgeous, vibrantly colored pumpkins without the mess. Read through to learn about the product and a chance to enter the giveaway!

Introducing Kwik Stix! A great way to engage in mess free art projects for kids.

They are basically solid tempera paint sticks that come in an array of colors. That means no waiting while the paint dries on your kid’s art project. That is a big a big selling point with many toddlers and preschoolers.

These paint sticks do amazingly well on paper, cardboard and  wood. To try out these amazing, vibrant solid tempera paint sticks, we first choose wood as our canvas. I have always wanted my kids to hand decorate their wood initials and place them on their night stand.

I used the two wooden letters I had on hand and went ahead and purchased the ampersand wood sign. I just loved that the entire art project was virtually mess free. We didn’t need paper towels, water, cups, brushes – nothing!