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Christmas crafts for kids : Dinosaur fossils ornament

Christmas crafts for kids : Dinosaur fossils ornament
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Simple kids activity to keep them engaged with household supplies.

This easy kids activity started out as a simple way to kickstart our learning about fossil science. Just like everything else our family has to have an artistic twist on just about every kids activity. {All art activities here} The entire fun


The Process of making the salt dough print itself is quite simple. Here it is anyway

  • Mix 2 cups of all purpose flour and 1 cup salt with warm water until you reach a dough consistency.
  • Use kneading tools to roll out the dough a little thicker than pictured
  • Use a jar lid to cut out a nice circle for your ornament
  • Use Dinosaur figurines to make prints
  • Don’t forget to add a small hole for the string

process of making dino ornaments

Bake the ornaments at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 2-3 hours.

You can take this craft in so many different directions at this point. We read and researched different types of fossils. We have also played with this wonderful fossil kit.

To save them for the future seasons, we decided to make ornaments out of them. Starting off with lots of painting and glitter. I always turn to these wonderful acrylic paints to get the bets color.

In a palette I had acrylic paint and glitter in different wells. The kids dipped into the paint first and then into the glitter to make around the fossil impression.

Let them dry and store them or hang them. This activity is perfect to engage the kids with minimal supplies.

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