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Kids Crafts: Doll Pin Butterflies

Kids Crafts: Doll Pin Butterflies
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Kids Crafts: Doll Pin Butterflies

With a bunch of basic craft supplies this kids craft could possibly be hours of fun – creating gorgeous butterflies from doll pins, pipe cleaners and pom poms. {Collection of butterfly activities here}

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This is a beautiful and fun kids butterfly craft which exercises the kids’ finger muscles since the kids are doing a ton of pulling, twisting, stretching etc.

Materials { products links below}


I used the gorgeous neon colors and the glow in the dark colors I had on hand to set out this craft activity.

painting dollpins to make butterflies

The  children had a great time painting the doll pins with vibrant colors. Since the paint is not acrylic, we had a bit of a tough time getting the paint to stick on the doll pins. Honestly though, this small part did not faze the kids. They went on to brightly color the doll pins.

kids craft butterfies

The multi colored doll pins looked gorgeous all ready for a even beautiful kids craft.

colorful clothespin bugs

Next step was to collect all the colorful pom poms. We separated the pom poms by 3 and glued them together to serve as part of the butterfly wings.

use pompoms

Gluing the pom poms by threes leads to tremendous play time for the children.

pompoms and butterflies

Once they have the pom poms ready next step is to get the wings ready using pipe cleaners. There are several ways to complete the wings.  Using a single pipe cleaner the kids can make a simple figure eight and insert it into the gap in the doll pin and push it up.

clothespin butterflies

Making the antennae is the next part of this kids craft. One pipe cleaner makes 2 pairs of antennae. You can either glue or tape the antennae to the back of the doll pin head.

make butterfly crafts

Stuff the pipe cleaner outline of the wings with the pom poms to give the butterfy a 3D effect.

kids crafts doll pin butterflies  makeclothespin butterflies kids craft

Cute butterflies ready. If the kids are not into the process, you can make them as party favors as well.

crafts butterflies

What do you with these?

  • Just a fun kid craft
  • Kids room decor
  • Party favors
  • Kids party activity
  • Kids party center pieces
  • Personalize them with kids’ initials and you can make a child’s name with these bugs.

doll pin butterfly craft for kids

Thanks to CraftsProjectsIdeas for providing us with the supplies needed to make this kids craft. This is NOT a sponsored post.

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