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Kids Craft : Flip Flop keepsake craft

Kids Craft : Flip Flop keepsake craft
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Flip Flop Keepsake

Many supplies used in this kids craft post was sent to us by Craftprojecctideas. We were not obligated to write the post.

As parents we just want to keep your babies, babies for ever. While that’s not possible it is simple to preserve memories by creating keepsakes. For our last Thanksgiving we created a family hand print keepsake wall art. Today we share a simple kids craft that doubles as a cool flip flop keepsake.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • Glitter Sheets
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Pearl Beads
  • Foam Stickers
  • Hole Punch
  • Magnetic Sheets(optional)


We started off with the step which was the most fun for the kids. I drew the shape of their foot on glitter foam sheets and  they got all ticklish and started giggling uncontrollably. This went on for a while. Once that wore off we continued tracing the feet and I cut them out while they did more  tracing.

trace your kids feet

I initially intended for this to be a keepsake craft I can do. However my older one was very excited to participate and joined me . She did a couple of her flip-flops and we both did my younger one’s flip-flops.

Moving on, what’s next?

With the glitter sheets flip-flops cut outs, I punched out  3 holes for the strap.

Glitter pipe cleaners are the straps. I bent the sticks in half and used them by itself for the older one’s feet and for the younger one I needed only half a glitter pipe cleaner. With a few bends I got the pipe cleaner to stick in place.

Materials for flip flop kids craft

The kids can help with this part f they are interested.

before decorating

The beads we used from craftprojectideas  were positively beautiful. They really looked like pearls, a perfect material to make a radiant tiara (another craft for kids). My kids loved playing with beads, just simple sensory play. They scooped, poured and felt the beads. I just made sure we were working on a flat, covered surface so that we will know in case of run away beads. My 4-year-old came over and “threaded” the beads through the pipe cleaners. It was great to watch her use a specific pattern to create and decorate her own flip-flop keepsake. [fine motor activity]. My toddler’s involvement stopped with getting her feet traced and sensory play with the beads. That particular day she was not into any intricate fine motor activities.

kids fine motor

All the flip-flops beaded and ready for display

completed crafts

all flips flops garland

You could keep this as is as a mom-tot craft. I wanted to turn into a flip flop keepsake after displaying it for a while. Craftprojectideas sent us this cool magnetic sheet as well.

materials for fridge magets diy

I cut out strips and stuck them to the back of the flip flops to turn them into magnets.

stick magnet sheets

 Cute little feet on your fridge. My flip flops ended up being heavier because of the beads and the sheets couldn’t handle a few flip flops. The magnetic sheets would be great for photographs and other light weight items.  I ended up using the magnetic  strips that come in a big reel

crafts for kids turned as magnets

But my favorite way to display is to make seasonal garlands for our mantle. We recently made a patriotic splatter painting art project and turned them into a garland.

summer themed kids keepsakes hanging by fireplace

Cute summer Kids Craft?

flip flops crafts

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