clay beads for jewelry1
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Recently, we whipped up some homemade clay using a simple clay recipe the other day. We made pumpkin spice fall ornaments. Continuing with the same theme, we made some fun and cute little beads for fine motor play through threading and jewelry making.

We followed the recipe mentioned in our previous post and made 3 gorgeous colors!  I used gel food colors to get the color I wanted. The orange, yellow and purple were vibrant!

clay for beads

Since this was technically “supposed” to be a surprise for the kids { I was thinking Halloween jewelry on Halloween day!} I rolled out tiny bead-size ball and make small holes using toothpicks.

clay beads for jewelry

 However with 2 kids under 5 I couldn’t obviously complete a project in 1 sitting.  Since I’m a horrible “hider” of things the project was spotted easily and the children wanted in. Sure. It became a fun afternoon family project. My almost 5 year old used toothpicks to stack her tiny balls and made an ice cream cone and a squid-like looking thing. { shh.. I can’t use such a tone- she gets offended when I can’t identify her creations properly haha)