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Halloween Sensory Activities : Spooky Eruptions

Halloween Sensory Activities : Spooky Eruptions
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Halloween Sensory Activities : Spooky Eruptions

Just like many kids out there, mine adore a some fizzing activities. We have done simple color mixing fizzing activity, lemon suds eruptions and recently rainbow lemon eruptions on a salt tray. Today we share another fun eruptions activity – this time with a spooky Halloween twist.


  • Baking Soda
  • Black Powdered Tempera
  • Black Beans
  • Lemon Juice
  • Food Color/Kool-Aid
  • Halloween themed containers

In a shallow tub I lined the base with baking soda mixed with black powdered tempera. I also added a handful of black beans for extra sensory fun. The kids first had fun feeling the black “sand” and engaged in some sensory play. At 5, even my older kid adores all kinds of sensory activities– I always observe so much story telling, multiple questions and major language development during sensory play.

Back to the set up, I added a few Halloween themed test tubes and shot glasses I purchased for a $1/ pack.

materials for spooky sensory

All the test tubes and shot glasses have baking soda, a few of them colored with food color and Kool-Aid.

messy halloween fun

The squeeze bottles are filled with lemon juice ( lemon essence not the drinking lemon juice) The kids had a grand time making eruptions with the baking soda.

baking soda lemon juice eruptions

If you want to go  step further, I’d suggest making Kool-Aid scented baking soda in several containers first and then add these to the test tubes. That way the eruptions will be vibrant and scented!

halloween sensory fun

Since I just roughly added the Kool-Aid and food color with baking soda, only a few eruptions were nice and vibrant. So I strongly suggest making your colored and scented baking soda in advance- makes the activity even more exciting. C’mon fragrant eruptions?

fizzinf halloween sensory

The kids also enjoyed pouring (!) lemon juice over the black baking soda lining the tub. There were lemony fizzes everywhere in the tub. Once all the lemon juice was used up, it was time for good old messy play. The children used the containers to pour, dump, transfer “black spooky water” to extend their play.

Honestly, give the children a tub full of black colored water and call it spooky water play for Halloween and watch them engage in fun sensory play for hours!

spooky eruptions

Happy Halloween!

sensory halloween

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