Home Art Projects Halloween Art Projects for Kids : Glitter Glue Resist Art

Halloween Art Projects for Kids : Glitter Glue Resist Art

Halloween Art Projects for Kids : Glitter Glue Resist Art
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This Halloween themed glitter glue resist art uses just glitter glue and watercolors to create spooky cute sun catchers.

Resist art is one of the simplest art activities for kids. There is something very satisfying about painting over masking tape and finally removing the tape to reveal the pretty art { heart resists}. Crayon resist projects and glue resist art activities come a close second. We have done simple crayon resist spider web art and also glue resist art.  This Halloween art project using vibrant glitter glue as the resisting medium.

How to create glitter glue resist art for Halloween


Elmer’s Washable Glitter Glue

Sax Washable Liquid Watercolor


Use different colored glitter glue to make patterns on a regular sheet of paper. We used a Elmer’s Washable Glitter Glue 6 pk. On a regular sheet of paper create designs with your colored glitter glue. I saw that getting the glue out directly from a glitter glue bottle is pretty hard if you are planning on making designs. If your child has trouble pressing to make patterns, you can always transfer the contents to a regular squirt bottle and continue with this halloween art project.

Just like any resist art project { read about our glue resist art project} let the glue dry overnight. The next part is the hard part!

After the glue dries thoroughly the kids can go over their glue designs with black liquid watercolor. Now at this part, the children may need a little reassurance that it is actually not a bad idea. You can’t blame them can you? They have created these beautiful multi colored glitter glue designs and now they have to cover it up with black paint? “No way” said my older one. But art projects are about trying new techniques, taking risks, exploring new ideas and enjoying the process. I reminded them about the glue resist art project and said the glitter glue will resist the watercolor.

To be the honest the black paint did cover a little bit of the glitter glue {especially the yellow ones} The brighter glue colors did a better job of resisting the black watercolor paint .


After covering up their glue designs with black watercolor, I promised the kids that they are going to be in for a surprise. They felt their art didn’t look great until I held them up against a sunny window.


Their glitter glue resist art just came alive against the sun. Light shone through the translucent glue and the colors just stood out against the black watercolor. Take a closer look at this Halloween art and find the spooky glue figure hiding.


Here is another Halloween art which was taped against the window.


I always have a thing for grid lines and had to do one. The children tried filling up the squares but quickly went back to making abstract designs with their glitter glue.


Doesn’t this art look amazing with the light shining through? What a difference sunlight can make. Be sure to use just regular printer paper even though we are using watercolors { I know! Sorry}


We did Halloween themed ones for good measure.

A few messages


I think this art project was pretty surprising to the kids to say the least. They literally squealed when they saw their art against the sun. Try this at home and come back and share your comments.


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