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Fine Motor Activities : Matches and Straws

Fine Motor Activities : Matches and Straws
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Fine Motor Activities : Matches and Straws

Simple fine motor activities you can create for your kids are a great way to strengthen those finger muscles that are going to aid them in writing. In this post we use basic supplies like matches, straws and Styrofoam to make an easy “fine motor activity board” for the children to explore, learn and create

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materials for fine motor activity

{ Update : It has been 5 years since I first posted this. I happened to come across my own post on social media and actually went to the original and read what I had written haha. Now at 11 and 9, I feel all the sensory play and the fine motor activities probably helped in some capacity because the kids currently have good manual dexterity!  One loves to create figurines with intricate designs and details with clay, plays an instrument with ease and the other – resident artist loves origami and all enjoys sorts of art mediums. If any new mothers are reading this and wondering if all these  effort into creating activities are worth it, I would say from personal experience – an emphatic yes. Even if doesn’t really translate into anything all those afternoons were such  great memories.. I feel just at 11 and 9 I feel they grew up so fast! I’m so glad I was able to capture a part of their childhood and still am capturing with this blog!}

You can just leave the invitation as is with the materials up for exploration. I simply traced a few letters my child is working on right now. I saw this as a great opportunity to practice those pre-writing skills. { Our sensory rainbow writing was fun, so was writing in snow and cornmeal sensory writing}

matches on styrofoam tray

Just like this exercise, fine motor activities are a great way to extend your child’s current interests. We are working on pre-writing, so I set out those letters and observed if she would be interested in making the letters. I showed her to follow the lines and start poking the matches on the lines. You could mark arrows to make this more of an independent activity. Since this fine motor activity was supervised, neither did I draw the arrows nor was worried about the matches. I thought the blunt edges of the colored matches were a better alternative to sharp toothpicks.

letter recognition with mactches

The brightly colored matches definitely helped my kid get really interested in this invitation.

pre writing practice with matches and straws

Next comes the best part – something that makes this fine motor activity a killer of a real fine motor activity. She inserted the cut up straw pieces on each of the colored matches. What a work out! Hand-eye co-ordination at its best.

inserting straw over matches

I should tell you, the letters after all “strawed-up” looks absolutely stunning like a cool construction project. Inserting the straws into the matches was a challenge- a challenge that was gladly accepted and eagerly accomplished.

making letters with matches and straw fine motor letter writing with fine motor activity

Once fine motor practice and pre-writing interest wore off, the children ( now big sister 5 joined) decided to create small worlds with matches and beads.

matches world on styrofoam fine motor

It involved a lot of poking and threading through the sticks. Apparently it is a stick world and the one with the beads are people and the rest are buildings and trees.

beads matches fine motor play

So much creative play, fine motor play and small world went on and these 2 cuties are actually sisters playing around.

Beads and fine motor play

Very creative construction projects here which required an amazing amount of patience and concentration from the 5 year old.

building with matches fine motor

Thanks for reading.

I highly recommend this activity for encouraging so many areas – fine motor skills, math skills, pre-writing skills, imaginative play skills.

Note: While colored matches are not as sharp as toothpicks and relatively safe, still supervise your children while they are engaged in these type of fine motor activities.

matche on styrofoam

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