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Edible Playdough Recipe : No cook marshmallow playdough

Edible Playdough Recipe : No cook marshmallow playdough
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Edible Playdough Recipe : No Cook Marshmallow Playdough

Two of our reader- favorite play recipes are edible play recipes. Our edible water beads (rather taste-safe)  and our edible slime recipe. While we loved our chilled play dough recipe, I think this no-cook marshmallow play dough has become our well-loved cornstarch based play dough recipe. Before I continue let me tell you that the first time I saw marshmallow being used to create play dough was on My Buddies and I. Check out the original marshmallow dough recipe that started it all!  Since I love a good no-cook recipe, I wanted to try to recreate this recipe without a stove! It was quite simple with a jar of marshmallow creme.

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Grab your Marshmallow Creme jar. Add 1/4 cup of creme in a bowl. I also take the extra step of slightly microwaving it ( 10 seconds) to completely make it fluffy. After adding the creme add a few drops of gel food coloring. To the now colored marshmallow creme add 1/3 cup of cornstarch
no cook marshmallow playdough process

edible playdoughYes this part is super sticky. Keep kneading and mixing until you the dough all balled up. Add 1 tbsp of oil if you prefer to make it come together easier.

edible playdough recipe with marshmallows

If your dough is still sticky I would add more cornstarch. But make sure you don’t overdo this part since the dough will more crumbly and hard and not soft and squishy. Line up your edible playdough and set out the usual playdough tools.

playdough play ideas

The marshmallow playdough takes markings and printing very well.

easy to make no cool playdough recipe

You can roll, squish and pinch it too! It is soft and almost stretchy.

marshamallow edible playdough recipe

 My kids loved kneading and cutting.edible playdough

cutting marshmallo playdouhj

They did some printing too. I can see how this dough just like playdough can be used to practice scissor skills. Best part, if the kids decide to do a taste test, you don’t have to panic since you know that the ingredients are all edible and taste-safe!

edible playdough with marshmallow

 We even tried a marbled version to make this gorgeous candy cane with our playdough recipe. Just go easy on the kneading and mixing after adding your red color you will get a marbled look.

candy cane marshmallow playdough

Here is this gorgeous marshmallow dough post from Mama Papa Bubba based on the original recipe. Here photos and play ideas are amazing!

Ingredients and measurements { affiliate links for your reference}

1/4 cup Marshmallow Creme

1/3 cup Cornstarch

A few drops of Gel Food Color

1tbsp oil

Edible playdough - no cook marshmallow playdough

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