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Rainbow Crafts for Kids : Paint Chips Rainbow Craft

Rainbow Crafts for Kids : Paint Chips  Rainbow Craft
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Rainbow Crafts for Kids : Paint Chip Rainbow Craft

This probably is the longest time a post has been sitting in our drafts!! We did this rainbow craft for kids one. whole.year ago!  Even if you don’t celebrate St.Patrick’s Day, this rainbow craft will for sure bring in some color and fun into your homes.We have been having a few muggy and gloomy days. With the hope that a cute spring craft can bring in some cheer and color we made a fun rainbow craft.{ For other St.Patrick’s day crafts check out our St.Patrick’s Day sensory bin and Shamrock Printing, along with our paper plate rainbow craft}

This craft is a fit for  a preschool or day care setting where it can easily be turned into a group activity. It is also a perfect fit into any rainbow themed birthday activity, which the kids can make for the birthday child as a keepsake from the party. It is also a wonderful fine motor activity for kids.


  • Any canvas – cardboard with a white background, a construction paper
  • Paint cards cut into smaller bits
  • Cotton
  • Glue

When I see my kid work on kids crafts like these I can personally see that it really develops patience, perseverance an  a sense of accomplishment.

Here’s  what I did. I cut the paint cards into smaller chips and covered a cardboard with a white sheet to be our canvas.

rainbow canvas

I drew a rainbow outline and named the colors in the order. We spelled out the colors as we wrote them and sang our favorite rainbow song as we tried to remember the order.

rainbow craft

Do you have a rainbow song that your child enjoys? Here’s ours –

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green,  Blue , Purple,  Pink –

Its my rainbow,

It is my Rainbow,

Beautiful Rainbow in the Sky !

I gave her the glue and a brush and she painted the glue between the lines and stuck the chips. { Cue in fine motor activity}

rainbow art

This rainbow craftwill work great as a collaborative activity in a group setting where in working on it aids in turn-taking, respecting others, communication and in general team-building.

rainbow craft for kids

She then used the cotton balls to make clouds and even colored a cloud blue with dot markers.

rainbow collage

It was such a cute and easy rainbow craft that my 4 yr old enjoyed making and is now a display piece that shes so proud to have created. Obviously, you don’t have to finish the entire craft in one session. Let the child lead the way!

rainbow collage craft

Thanks for reading

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