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Christmas Crafts for Kids : Make Giant Christmas Trees

Christmas Crafts for Kids : Make Giant Christmas Trees
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Christmas Crafts for Kids : Make Giant Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Crafts don’t have to be mini versions. How about going big with this easy Christmas craft? Kids can have a go at this fun craft before you actually put up the tree for the season. Using a few craft supplies, you can satisfy your kid’s eagerness to decorate the tree.

How to make a giant Christmas tree and decorate it


  • White Poster Board
  • Clear Tape
  • Stapler
  • Acrylic Paint/Washable Paint
  • Peppermint Oil {optional}

Grand you $1 white poster board and start painting. All through the holiday season, I ALWAYS add peppermint oil to all our paint while we are doing fun Christmas art projects. Couple of years ago, we did these cute peppermint scented Christmas tree hats craft. We did the same for this project also { actually I think this craft had me get started with adding peppermint oil to paint I think. We did this project at least 3 years ago and ONLY now I’m getting around to making a post }

Back to the post, start painting your white poster with peppermint oil scented green paint and give it a good shake of white craft glitter. I found like that we liked acrylic paint much better than regular washable paint for this project since the peppermint oil smelled better mixed in with acrylic paint versus washable paint.

Once the paint completely dries, make a giant cone with the white poster board by folding and taping them at the edges. If you want to reinforce them even better, I would staple the bottom edges.


There, you made a giant Christmas tree that is already smelling like Christmas. Now set out all decorating supplies for your beautiful christmas tree. I had the following supplies for them

  • Tinsel Garlands
  • Pom Poms
  • Christmas Foam Stickers
  • White Glue


At this time, the children took over the christmas craft and started decorating the tree. I set out the tree on window sill since the height worked out the best for the kids { 5&3 then}

They started cutting the tinsel garlands into smaller sizes and started wrapping them. They used clear tape to adhere the tinsel to the poster board Christmas tree.


My 3 year old needed some help to hold the tinsel garland and to tape them at the same time.


She also wanted more decorations and ended up gluing pom poms all around the tree’s base. Gotta love pom poms to make everything fun. Have you seen our toddler friendly Christmas wreath craft?


The kids can also add foam stickers and more pom poms on the Christmas tree


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