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Christmas Crafts for Kids: Making Angel Ornaments

Christmas Crafts for Kids: Making Angel Ornaments
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 Christmas Crafts for Kids: Sponge Ornaments

The holidays season is such an exciting time and all the children are naturally inclined towards decorating the tree. Perfect time to think up easy and exciting <Christmas crafts for kids. What’s more fun than creating homemade ornaments for the free. Children have so many questions around the holidays and so to help ease the curious mind, we decided to get crafty and make Angels Christmas Crafts. Put them on you tree as homemade ornaments or use them as puppets to do a make believe play scene. Either way its a fun project and easy to craft.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#ef2a0f”]

  •  Sponges
  • Rubber bands
  • Fuzzy sticks
  • Glue
  • Hand prints
  • Paint/Glitter
  • Cello tape/Stappler
  • Googly eyes and sequins


Angel Craft

We first made some hand-prints and cut them out and colored them. Everything looks good with glitter is what my 4 yr old believes in. Really, she cannot resist adding glitter onto things we make. So that’s what we did. It is after all a fun Christmas Craft for kids and its only fair that I let her take the lead and be creative.

Handprint angel craft

handprint crafts for christmas

Now for the body. Make the body from the sponge by twisting the rubber band around to create the two sections – Head and Body. Talk about fine motor, twisting those rubber bands to the sponge is an excellent workout for the lil’ fingers.

angel ornaments

Add the facial features and very important don’t forget the Halo !

Attach the handprints to the back to make the angel wings. You could just staple the handprints together to make the wings and then glue it to the body. My girl experimented with the tape and stapler and glue to determine which is the better route . And lets just say the jury is still deliberating ! haha !

handprint crafts

handprints and angels ornaments

How cute are these guys? You know it was a successful Christmas craft when you hear the words ” Can we make some more Angels?? Please !!!

christmas handmade ornaments

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Crafting is an important life skill and it is projects like these that make it a fun learning experience.

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