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Christmas Activities for kids: Pattern Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas Activities for kids: Pattern Christmas Tree Craft
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Set out once inch tissue paper squares along with the template. I had both the glossy variety and the regular paper variety and the kids went for the shine. The smooth texture adds to the fun I suppose.

cutting tissue squares

Using a set pattern or a design the kids can fill the tree with these beautiful squares. Some children go for set pattern and order Some kids just enjoy and embrace the colors and fill it up with as much color as possible. I also see a big difference in the way the kids glue. Some are very methodical and apply glue each and every tissue square and paste them meticulously. Some kids apply a whole lot of glue directly to the paper and start popping the tissue squares directly on them. It’s amazing to see how kids approach the same simple activity in different ways.

Once the gluing part was over there were empty corners that didn’t quite get filled up. We used markers to fill up the empty corners of the tree to make the entire thing look complete.

christmas tree craft for kids with tissue paper

The kids felt that this pattern Christmas tree looked lonely without the much needed presents. They ended up making present boxes using four tissue squares.

kids crafts sticking tissue paper

Each one inch square can be cut diagonally to make two smaller triangles. They used the triangles to make a bow for the presents.

cutting tissue squares

There are so many ways you can extend the activity { colors, numbers, patterns, sight words, cvc words}

tissue paper crafts

Christmas Tree pattern activity for kids

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